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Selling Your Home?

House Sold



If you are selling your home and you are going through a Real Estate agent, your agent or the settlement Company will generally contact our office and provide us with the information needed.  With the information provided, HTMA will prepare a final bill and disclosure and submit it to the settlement company so that the final bill amount can be collected at settlement and forward to our office for payment.  The final bill is prorated based upon the date of settlement.  We will finalize the account for the current owner and create a new account for the new owner(s).  

                   If you are selling your home through a private sale where no real estate agent or settlement company is involved you should contact our office at  (717) 264-8959 to provide us with the information needed.  We will need to know the date of settlement, the name(s) of the new owners, whether or not the the new owners will reside at the property and any contact information (phone/email) for both parties.  Please be advised that any unpaid balances transfer with the sale of the property.