Kensington Heights Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The Hamilton Township Municipal Authority (HTMA) has authorized Performance Pipelining, Inc. (PPI) to rehabilitate certain sewer lines and existing service laterals in Kensington Heights.  If you are receiving this information the mainline and lateral that services your home will be part of this rehabilitation project.  This project should not require excavation (other than cleanout installations, if necessary) and homeowners will not be charged anything in addition to normal billing.  The total project will be undertaken in phases; interruptions to service should last only a few hours.  You will be notified before any interruption to service.  Please see the Project Map and Notification attachment for more information.  We will continue to provide project updates and information on our website as work commences. 

Performance Pipelining, Inc. (PPI) has revised their schedule for CCTV and other preparatory work to begin closer to the week of August 16th or August 23rd.
Performance Pipelining, Inc. (PPI) is scheduled to begin their CCTV (closed-circuit televised video) and other preparatory work for the Kensington Heights Sewer Rehabilitation Project on Monday, August 23, 2021.  Mr. Garrett Washington will be the project manager for Performance Pipelining, Inc.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Hamilton Township Municipal Authority office at (717) 264-8959.
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