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Operations & Maintenance

The Hamilton Township Municipal Authority has four (4) full-time employees who perform operation and maintenance on the sewer system and appurtenances.  The operators inspect and are responsible for operating and maintaining the collection and conveyance system, which is comprised of approximately 73 miles of sewer lines, 14 pumping stations, 2 meter stations and approximately 1200 manholes.  Operation and maintenance of the system includes maintenance of the pumping stations; inflow and infiltration duties of maintaining a comprehensive metering program utilizing portable meters to monitor flows throughout the sewer system and performing sewer condition assessment (utilizing Electro Scan technology and closed circuit televising equipment) of sewer lines; inspection and rehabilitation of manholes; cleaning and flushing of sewer lines; replacing or repairing lines; removing stoppages; maintaining and clearing right-of-ways; general maintenance of buildings and grounds, vehicles and equipment; responding to daily PA One Calls. 

As mentioned above, our operators utilize modern technology to help perform sewer condition assessment.  The technologies allow operators to inspect sewers where there is no other way to observe or assess the system.  A few examples of the technology includes Electro Scan, Rausch closed-circuit computerized television system (CCTV), with lateral launch, Vactor truck for sewer cleaning mainlines, removing stoppages and an essential component needed to utilize Electro Scan.  Operators also use portable area-velocity meters for a comprehensive metering program. 



CCTV (Closed-circuit television) & Electro Scan

Our CCTV/Electro Scan truck houses both the CCTV and Electro Scan technologies.  The Rausch CCTV camera system allows operators to perform televised inspection of sewer lines and provides informative information to help provide answers when there is a problem in at line (what, where, how bad, etc.) and is useful when performing sewer condition assessment.  The CCTV system also has an added feature of lateral launch, which gives capability to televise laterals and building sewer lines which branch off of the main line. 


CCTV & Electro Scan


Electro Scan is an innovative technology which utilizes an electrical current; if electricity can get out, water can get in.  An electronic probe is used to detect, measure and quantify defects.  The scan results help with rehabilitation prioritization.  The pipe section to be inspected is fully flooded using the Authority’s Vactor truck, as the probe is pulled through the pipe.  There is a cone attached to the end of the Electro Scan probe which helps to surround the probe with water, allowing it to evaluate 360-degrees of the pipe wall for its full length, including service connections. 

 Both technologies are state of the art and are both important and complimentary tools in sewer condition assessment.      




Vactor Truck (combination sewer cleaning machine)

The Vactor truck has multiple uses and purposes and is also an invaluable asset to the operation and maintenance of sewers.  A self-propelling nozzle is connected to the end of the hose to clean and remove silt, sludge, grease and loose debris in sewer pipes.  The Vactor can also be used to help open blockages, wash manholes and wet wells (at pump stations).  The vacuum is used for hydro excavation and cleaning out debris from wet wells (at pump stations).  In addition the Vactor is an essential component of Electro Scan, as the Vactor fills the pipe with water as it pulls the electrical probe through the pipe.