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Hydromatic - Preventative Maintenance


(See Manufacturer's Literature and Recommendations at bottom of page)

A preventative maintenance program as suggested by the manufacturer can help prolong the life of your grinder pump.  You may want to further discuss this with your plumber/service technician.

  • Twice a year: 
  • Physical inspection of the system
  • Eliminating grease build-up which could impede proper operation on the level controls or obstruct flow to the pump intake 
  • Once Every Two Years: 
  • Pump & control inspection (refer to manufacturer’s literature)
  • After Five Years of Operation: 
  • Physical inspection of the rotating elements on the pump, including cutters, impeller & bearings

NOTE:  Required frequency of maintenance may vary from residence to residence based on individual usage patterns.


  • Notice wet spots around the tank in your yard and it hasn’t rained recently?   This could indicate there is a leakage or overflow from the grinder pump tank in your yard.  Contact your plumber to investigate. 
  • If the alarm keeps going off when it rainsThis could mean rainwater may be getting into your grinder pump system and over loading it.  Contact your plumber to investigate.
  • The unit becomes smellyWhen operating normally there should be no noticeable odors coming from the unit. 
  • If it gets smelly, run clean water down your kitchen, laundry or bathroom sink until the pump runs. 
  • If there is significant grease accumulation or build up inside the tank, you may want to have the basin pumped out and then flush and/or clean it.