How Do I Know What Type of Grinder Pump I Have?

The Hamilton Township Municipal Authority’s Rules and Regulation only approve two (2) grinder pump systems:  Hydromatic  OR  Environmental One.  When a sewer extension is designed for a low pressure sewer system, it is designed specifically for the use of one grinder pump system:  either the Hydromatic or Environmental One grinder pump systems.  These two grinder pump systems are different in nature and cannot be intermixed throughout the designed low pressure system.  If you have a Hydromatic grinder pump, you need to replace it with a Hydromatic grinder pump; If you have an Environmental One grinder pump, you need to replace it with an Environmental One grinder pump.  Below is a list of subdivisions/sewer extensions that were designed for Environmental One / Hydromatic grinder pump systems:

Environmental One                                                         

Ft. McCord Road   
Rose Hill Court
Steven Court / Johnson Road
Burdock Court
Mahantango Drive  
Tussey Drive
Lindman Drive
Samerica Drive
Paper Mill Road
Peridot Drive
Diopside Drive
Flourite Drive                                                                                       


Lawyers Road
Sheffield Drive
Kensington Drive
Old Kiln Drive / off of Tahoe Drive
Warm Spring Road
Fisher Road
Wood Duck Drive East
Mallard Drive East
Nighthawk Lane
Falcon Lane
Finch Drive
Mandarin Drive
Gomer Road
Coontown Road
Guitner Road
Jacks Mill Road