E/One - Be Aware


(See Manufacturer's Literature and Recommendations at bottom of page)



  • Do not touch the valves
  • Do not turn off the power to the pump unless in response to a broken discharge pipe.
  • Do not block the vent on the pump station
  • Do not cover the pump station lid
  • Contact E/One or your local distributor if you are making modifications to your home which may affect the system, such as installing a spa or swimming pool or extending the house over or near the unit or discharge pipe.
  • Ensure access is avilable to the pump station at all times.  Keep plant growth and other debris away from the unit.  
  • If you go on vacation for a length of time, flush the system before you go away.  Run clean water into the unit until the pump activates.  Turn off the water and allow the grinder pump to run until it shuts off automatically.  
  • Take care when digging in the yard near the pump station or the discharge pipe.  If you do accidentally break any pipeline, call the phone number located on the back of the attached pamphlet or contact your plumber/technician immediately and minimize use of water in the house.  Do not attempt to repair the system yourself. You will be responsible for the cost of these repairs.