Domestic Sewer Permits


Domestic Domestic sewer permits are for single-family residential dwellings, multi-residential dwellings (such as apartments, in-law suite, etc.)

When do I need to get my sewer permit?

Before you can obtain a building permit, you must have both your Land Use Application and Sewer Permit

  1. You will need to obtain your Land Use Application from the Hamilton Township Supervisors' office and provide a copy of that permit to our office as part of your sewer permit application.
  2. You can make application for your sewer permit at our office in person or electronically through our website.  Permitting fees can now be paid electronically as well.

Pertinent Documents for all sewer permit applications are listed below and should be reviewed carefully by the property owner and/or contractor.

      *Please note that HTMA’s  Standard Construction and Material Specifications for Wastewater Collection System were updated in 2019.


Sewer Permit Application Forms

You can opt to print the PDF forms off, complete them and either mail or bring the completed forms to our office at 1270 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg, along with payment, OR  for convenience puprposes you can use the Online Forms to submit your application and forms electronically to us.  You can then mail or drop off payment of the application fees.

If you do not wish to use the online forms, please mail or bring your completed application and forms to our office at 1270 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg, PA  17202.  



        Permit Fees & Payment

              Payment of permit fees can now be made online by clicking the following link:  Pay Sewer Permit Application Fee Here .   If you do not want to pay electronically, then payment must either be mailed or brought to our office at:  1270 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg.  Costs for a single-family residential Domestic Sewer Permit (no in-law suite, apartment or separate living quarters or in home business) are as follows:

Domestic Sewer Permit Costs:

  • Tapping Fee for each residential “dwelling unit” - $4,500.00
  • Permit Fee -                                                                           25.00
  • If your sewer connection will use a grinder pump, there will be a Sewage Pump Agreement Filing Fee of $38.50.

With regard to residential dwellings, the applicant must pay a Tapping Fee of 1 EDU (equivalent domestic unit) for each “dwelling unit”.  A “dwelling unit” shall mean any group of rooms, room, house, trailer, building or other enclosure connected, directly or indirectly, to the Sewer System and occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters by a family or any other group of Persons living together or by a Person or Persons living alone, excluding Institutional Establishments, as defined by Hamilton Township Ordinance No. 37, imposing sewer rentals or charges, and HTMA Resolution No. 32, imposing User Fees, as amended from time to time.



  • IF ROADWAY WILL BE INVOLVED WITH YOUR SEWER CONNECTION   (Roadway Agreement will be necessary component of sewer permit application)

  • If a Township roadway will be involved you will need to apply for a Road Occupancy permit from the Hamilton Township Supervisors, and a copy of the permit will need to be furnished to HTMA.  The property owner is solely responsible for both temporary and final road restoration as per the Supervisors’ requirements.
  • If a State roadway will be involved, HTMA must in turn apply for a Road Occupancy Permit from PennDOT.  The property owner or their contractor must place a green stake where you want to connect to the sewer.  You must then contact HTMA’s office at (717) 264-8959 to notify us that the stake has been placed so we may obtain the necessary measurements and information to apply for the PennDOT Permit.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for PennDOT approval.  The property owner is solely responsible both temporary and final road restoration per PennDOT’s requirements.
  • If the roadway will be involved and the sewer line is on the opposite side of the road, the property owner is solely responsible for boring under the roadway.  Please make sure your contractor reviews and is familiar with HTMA’s Rules and Regulations.
  • IF SEWER CONNECTION REQUIRES A GRINDER PUMP   (Sewage Pump Agreement and $38.50 filing fee will be necessary component of sewer permit application)
  • Make sure you and your contractor know which type of grinder pump will be required; it will either be Environmental One OR Hydromatic.  If there are any questions, contact HTMA’s office at (717) 264-8959. 
  • Property owner is solely responsible for the purchase, installation, operation maintenance and/or replacement of said grinder pump.
  • Make sure you and/or your contractor refers to Detailed Drawings for Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer Details AND FM-6, LP-1, LP-2, and LP-3 in HTMA’s Rules and Regulations.
  • The Metraflex tank adaptor is recommended for use with grinder pump installations.  Discuss this with your contractor.  Metraflex Tank Adaptor
  • If your sewer connection required a Hydromatic Grinder Pump, please make sure you and/or your contractor review the attached which have been provided by the manufacturer’s representative:

Hydromatic TL-PRO Grinder System General Installation Notes

Hydromati TL-PRO Grinder Pump System Pictoral

Tank Adaptor (Recommended)