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Standard Details - Quick Reference


Hamilton Township Municipal Authority Sanitary Sewer

Standard Detail Drawings

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Detail Name


MH-1 Precast Concrete Manhole with Precast Concrete Base - Type1 1/19
MH-2 Precast Manhole with Precast Concrete Base - Type2 1/19
MH-3 Inside Drop Manhole 1/19
MH-4 Manhole Steps 1/19
MH-5 Heavy Duty Self-Sealing Frame and Cover 1/19
MH-6 Heavy Duty Water Tight Frame and Cover 1/19
MH-7 Typical Plan of Manhole Channels 1/19
MH-8 Manhole Gasket 1/19
MH-9 Leveling Rings, Concrete Riser and Bolted Frame Details 1/19
MH-10 Poured Concrete Riser for Street Grades of 4% or Greater 1/19
MH-11 Manhole Pipe Gaskets 1/19
MH-12 Manhole Coring Gasket Detail (Kor-N-Seal) 1/19
MH-13 Heat Shrinkable Manhole Seal 1/19
LAT-1 Service Lateral - Shallow Sewer 1/19
LAT-2 Service Lateral - Deep Sewer 1/19
LAT-3 Building Sewer 5/22
LAT-4 Service Lateral Connection to Existing Sewer Main 1/19
LAT-5 Service Lateral Disconnection from Existing Sewer Main 1/19
LAT-6 Cleanout/Test Tee Cap Protection Casting 5/22
LAT-7 Observation Tee 1/19
LAT-8 Cleanout/Observation Tee Cap Protection Casting 5/22
FM-1 Flush Chamber 1/19
FM-2 Air Release Valve Chamber 1/19
FM-3 Forcemain Locator Assembly 1/19
FM-4 Horizontal Thrust Block Details 1/19
FM-5 Concrete Thrust Block Details 1/19
FM-6 Valve Pit Cover Detail 1/19
TRENCH-1 Trench Backfill Detail in Paved Areas 1/19
TRENCH-2 Trench Backfill Detail in Unpaved Areas 1/19
TRENCH-3 Unsuitable Material Excavation Detail 1/19
TRENCH-4 Bentonite Clay Dam Detail 1/19
TRENCH-5 Concrete Encasement Detail 1/19
PAV-1 Pavement Restoration - Township Roads 1/19
PAV-2 Pavement Restoration - Township Improved Shoulders 1/19
SEW-1 Pipe Reconnection Detail 1/19
SEW-2 Casing Details for Pipe Boring/Tunnels 5/20
LP-1 Typical Grinder Pump Installation Detail - Elevation 1/19
LP-2 Typical Grinder Pump Installation Detail - Plan 1/19
LP-3 In-Line Valve Pit Detail 5/20
LP-4 E-One Grinder Pump Station - 240v Wiring 1/19
LP-5 E-One Grinder Pump Station - Outdoor Installation 1/19
LP-6 Pentair Hydromatic - Grinder Pump Station 1/19
LP-7 Pentair Hydromatic - Typical Installation 1/19
LP-8 Grinder Pump Station - Typical Electrical Layout 1/19
LP-9 Low Pressure Sewer Discharge to Manhole 1/19
LP-10 In-Line Cleanout / Valve Pit for ow Pressure Sewer Main 1/19
LP-11 In-Line Terminal Cleanout for Low Pressure Sewer Main 1/19
GR-1 Typical Grease Interceptor to Sampling Vault Connection - Plan and Section 1/19
GR-2 Typical 350 Gallon Grease Trap Separator 1/19
GEN-1 Right-of-Way Gate 1/19