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Plumber/Contracting Licensing

Plumber/Contractor Licensing Information

All plumbers/contractors who perform work to install, maintenance and/or repair sewer laterals & building sewer lines in Hamilton Township must be licensed by Hamilton Township Municipal Authority.

Licensing Fee:  $46.00

PDF Forms Electronic Online Submission Forms
Licensing Rules & Regulations N/A
Application for License Electronic - Application for License
Licensed Plumber Listing N/A

Click This Link to Make Electronic Payment  (Make One-Time Payment)

You can opt to print the PDF forms, complete them and either mail or bring the completed forms to our office at 1270 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg, along with payment, OR  for convenience purposes you can use the Online Forms to submit your application forms and payment electronically to us.              

Important Information:

  • The plumber/contractor is responsible to annually update their Certificate of Insurance with HTMA to maintain their license and remain on the active Licensed Plumber Listing.
  • The Licensed Plumber Listing only reflects those plumbers/contractors that are licensed and have maintained the required information on record with HTMA. 

Contact HTMA's office if you have any questions regarding the above at (717) 264-8959.