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Building Sewer Line Repair/Replacement Sewer Permit

Event Details | Pennsylvania One Call System             Building Sewer Line Repair-Replacement Application Form & Payment

Any building sewer line repair/replacement that requires excavation must make application for this permit and will be subject to inspection by PA Municipal Code Alliance (717) 496-4996 (inspection fees handled directly by PMCA). 

HTMA's Permit fee is $25.00

PDF Forms Electronic Online Submission Forms
Building Sewer Line Repair/Replacement Electronic - Building Sewer Line Repair/Replacement
Sewage Pump Agreement Electronic - Sewage Pump Agreement

Click This Link to Make Electronic Payment   (Make One-Time Payment)

You can opt to print the PDF forms, complete them and either mail or bring the completed forms to our office at 1270 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg, along with payment, OR  for convenience purposes you can use the Online Forms to submit your application forms and payment electronically to us.              


Will a building sewer line repair or replacement require an inspection?


Yes, there will be an inspection required.  All inspections will be completed by PA Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA).  To schedule an inspection contact PMCA’s office at (717) 496-4996.

Additionally, contact HTMA’s office at (717) 264-8959 to provide notification that an inspection has been scheduled.  Depending upon the work being performed we may need to update the visual drawing on file.